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Cheap Kentucky Prison Calls
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Pacific Telephone Kentucky Prison Call service, helps inmates and their friends and families save up to 50% on Kentucky prison and inmate telephone calls! Order a local Kentucky number now and start your savings today, or for more information contact Pacific Telephone 24 hours a day at 866.966.8655, or to order online visit us on the web at

Securus is contracted to provide debit and prepaid inmate calling services for prisoners incarcerated at Kentucky state prisons run by Kentucky Department of Corrections Services. The current cost of 15 minute in-state prison calls using SECURUS is set at $4.50, with calls outside Kentucky costing $3.15.

By using Pacific Telephone’s Kentucky Prison Calls routing service along with SECURUS, subscribers can legally lower the rate of Kentucky Prison Inmate Calls to $2.25 for In-State-Calls, or Out-of-State-Calls from any Kentucky Department of Corrections institution.

Kentucky Inmate
Call Rate Comparison

In-State With Securus…………..$3.15
Out of State With Securus…..….$3.15
Using Securus & Pacific…….…$2.55

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Kentucky Inmate Call Blast!

With Kentucky Prison Call Blast, we can send inmates phone calls from prison to 3 different telephone numbers (home, office, cell) at the same time.

Pacific Telephone Company™ is registered with the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission, Reg. No. ITC-214-20120706-00177 and the (CAPUC) State of California Public Utilities Commission, Reg. No. #1110; collects tariffs as required by the FCC Universal Service Fund E911 regulations. The numbers and service we provide have can be configured for international outbound long distance dialing to any location or number, anywhere in the world if desired.

The Kentucky Department of Corrections Services is an agency of the State of Kentucky and operates minimum, low, medium and high security prisons throughout Kentucky. It’s mission is to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth and to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and offenders in carrying out the mandates of the legislative and judicial processes; and, to provide opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior.

KENTUCKY PRISON CALLS is a service of the Pacific Telephone Company and not affiliated with Securus or the State of Kentucky.


FCC Ruling Authorizing Cheap Inmate Calls

Pacific Telephone Company is not affiliated with Securus or the Kentucky Department of Corrections, but is able to legally per a 2013 FCC ruling pursuant to FCC Docket Number DA 13-1990 provide call routing services that can cut the cost of inmates calls from Kentucky State Prisons as well as calls from any county jail or prison in Kentucky and the United States.

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